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32W B21N1505 Original Laptop Battery For Asus EeeBook L403S, E402NA-GA091T (21CP7/61/81)

  • Battery Type: Lithium Ion
  • Voltage: 7.6V
  • Capacity: 32Wh
  • Color: Black
  • Cells : 2-Cells
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500 in stock

SKU: WM145741-01
Estimated delivery date 2023/10/09

Fit Part Numbers : 

21CP7/61/81, 0B200-01400200, B21N1505, B21Bn91, 0B200-01400500, 0B20001400500, 0B200-01400300, 0B20001400300, 0B20001400200.

Fit Models : 

EeeBook L403S, E402NA-GA091T, R417MA-WX0145T, E402NA-QN2-CB, F402SA-WX202T, E402NA-FA136T, R417WA-GA052T, E402SA-WX032T, X402SA-WX251D, E402SA-WX190T, E402SA-WX155D, VivoBook E402NA-GA239T, E402WA-GA001T, VivoBook E402SA, L402MA-WX0088T, VivoBook E402SA-WX228T, L402NA-FA017TS, EeeBook E402SA-WX016T, Vivobook E402YA-GA256T, L402SA-WX294TS, E402NA-GA010T, L403SA-WH22-OFCE, E402NA-GA058T, R417MA-WX0059T, E402NA-GA245T, F402NA-GA182T, E402NA-FA041T, R417SA-WX235T, E402SA-WX035T, X402NA-GA173, E402SA-WX132T, EeeBook L403SA-WX0011T, E402SA-WX249T, VivoBook E14 E402WA-GA010T, E402SA-FR269T, VivoBook E402NA-GA020T, E402WA-GA036, L402NA-GA042TS, E402NA-GA002T, VivoBook E402SA-WX035T, L402SA-WX065TS, E402WA, VivoBook E402YA-GA109T, E402WA-2A, E402NA-GA147T, F402NA, E402NA-DB01-BL, F402SA-WX287T, E402NA-FA214T, R417WA-FA114TS, E402SA-WX060T, E402SA-WX207T, E402SA-WX195T, VivoBook E14 E402WA-WH21, E402SA-WX251D, VivoBook E402NA-GA314T, E402WA-E2-6110, VivoBook E402SA-WX214T, L402MA-WX0102T, VivoBook E402SA-WX249T, EEEBOOK L402S, Vivobook E402YA-GA201T, L403NA-GA013TS, L403SA-WX0026T, E402NA-GA065T, R417MA-WX0079H, E402NA-GA251T, F402SA-WX164T, E402NA-FA164T, R417NA-GA006T, X402NA-FA229T, E402SA-WX153T, E402SA-WX240T, VivoBook E402NA-GA251T, E402SA-FR290T, VivoBook E402NA-FA109T, L402MA-WX0067B, L402NA-GA191TS, E402NA-2A, VivoBook E402SA-FR291T, L402SA-WX070TS, E402WA-GA002T, VivoBook E402YA-GA041TC, E402NA-GA029T, EeeBook E402YA-GA002TS, E402NA-GA167T, F402NA-GA015T, E402NA-FA021T, F402WA-GA019T, E402SA-WX149T, X402NA, E402SA-WX113T, E402YA-FA031TS, E402SA-WX214T, Vivobook E14 E402WA-FA084TS, E402SA-FR173T, VivoBook E402NA-QN2-CB, E402WA-GA020T, VivoBook E402SA-WX190T, L402MA-WX0146T, VivoBook E402SA-WX014T, L402SA-0042AN3160, VivoBook E402YA-FA031TS, L403NA-GA018TS, L403SA-FA0046T, E402NA-GA072T, R417MA-WX0129T, E402NA-GA294T, F402SA-WX197T, E402NA-FA109T, R417WA, E402SA-WX008T, X402NA-GA180T, E402SA-WX158T, E402SA-0072AN3160, VivoBook E402NA-GA029T, E402WA-FA078TS, VivoBook E402NA-GA294T, L402MA-P929, L402NA-GA016TS, VivoBook E402NA, VivoBook E402SA-WX196T, L402SA-WX097TS, E402WA-GA010T, L403NA-FA017TS, E402NA-GA046T, E402YA-GA002T, E402NA-GA226T, F402NA-GA223T, E402NA-FA040T, F402WA-FA055T, E402SA-WX014T, X402NA-GA160T, E402SA-WX126T, F402WA-FA035T, E402SA-WX251T, VivoBook E14 E402WA-GA002T, E402SA-FR268T, VivoBook E402NA-GA071T, E402WA-GA101T, VivoBook E402SA-WX016T, L402NA-0032AN3450, VivoBook E402SA-FR171T, L402SA-BB01-BL, E402SA-1R, VivoBook E402YA-GA002TS, L403SA-WH22, E402NA-GA076T, R417MA-WX0144T, E402NA-GA315T, F402SA-WX113T, E402NA-FA161T, R417WA-GA033T, E402SA-WX030T, X402SA-WX014T, E402SA-WX185T, E402N, E402SA-WX007D, VivoBook E402NA-FA021T, E402WA-FA084TS, VivoBook E402NA-GA167T, L402MA-WX0065D, L402NA-FA016TS, EeeBook E402SA-WX0045T, VivoBook E402YA-GA067T, L402SA-WX273TS, E402NA-GA005T, L403NA-FA067TS, E402NA-GA056T, R417MA-WX0059H, E402NA-GA239T, F402NA-GA208T, E402NA-FA027T, F402WA-FA018TS, E402SA-WX006T, X402NA-GA259T, E402SA-WX130T, F402WA-GA072T, E402SA-WX245T, VivoBook E14 E402WA-GA001T, E402SA-FR291T




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