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Original Lenovo Thinkpad T430 T430i T530 T530i L430 45N1000 45N1001 45N1004 45N1005 Laptop Battery– MPN: T430/70+– T430/70+

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591 in stock

SKU: 3215647899
MPN: T430/70+
GTIN: 886729390116

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Battery Type: Lithium Ion
CE-/FCC-/RoHS-Certified ensure safety. Grade A cells battery, 500+ recharge cycles.
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0A36303, 2516CTO, 42T4235, 42T4708, 42T4709, 42T4710, 42T4711, 42T4712, 42T4713, 42T4714, 42T4715, 42T4731, 42T4733, 42T4735, 42T4737, 42T4739, 42T4740, 42T4751, 42T4752, 42T4755, 42T4756, 42T4757, 42T4763, 42T4764, 42T4765, 42T4790, 42T4791, 42T4798, 42T4799, 42T4801, 42T4819, 42T4838, 42T4839, 42T4848, 42T4851, 42T4912, 42T4925, 42T4927, 42T4969, 42t5263, 45N1000, 45N1001, 45N1002, 45N1003, 45N1004, 45N1005, 45N1010, 45N1011, 51J0498, 51J0499, 51J0500, 57Y4185, 57Y4186, 57Y4545, ASM 42T4703, ASM 42T4711, ASM 42T4740, ASM 42T4752, ASM 42T4754, ASM 42T4756, ASM 42T4790, ASM 42T4794, ASM 42T4796, ASM 42T4802, ASM 45N1006, ASM P/N 42T4740, FRU 42T4702, FRU 42T4704, FRU 42T4706, FRU 42T4708, FRU 42T4710, FRU 42T4712, FRU 42T4714, FRU 42T4731, FRU 42T4735, FRU 42T4737, FRU 42T4739, FRU 42T4751, FRU 42T4753, FRU 42T4755, FRU 42T4791, FRU 42T4795, FRU 42T4797, FRU 42T4799, FRU 42T4801, FRU 42T4803, FRU 42T4817, FRU 42T4819, FRU 42T4848, FRU 42T4851, FRU 42T4925, FRU 42T4927, FRU 45N1007, FRU P/N 42T4739

FIT MODELS :(use “ctrl+F” to find your model quickly)

THINKPADE40 ThinkPadT410-i7 ThinkPadT420(4180J4C) THINKPADT420I
THINKPADE50 ThinkPadT420(4179A47) ThinkPadT420(4180K17) THINKPADT430
THINKPADEdge0578-47B ThinkPadT420(4179AC8) ThinkPadT420(4180LZC) THINKPADT430i
ThinkPadEdge14 ThinkPadT420(4179AC9) ThinkPadT420(4180MMC) THINKPADT510
ThinkPadEdge1405787UJ ThinkPadT420(4179GWC) ThinkPadT420(4180N5C) THINKPADT510I
ThinkPadEdge1405787VJ ThinkPadT420(418062C) ThinkPadT420(4180N9C) THINKPADT520
ThinkPadEdge1405787WJ ThinkPadT420(418065C) ThinkPadT420(4180NC5) THINKPADT520I
ThinkPadEdge1405787XJ ThinkPadT420(4180A65) ThinkPadT420(4180PKC) THINKPADT530
ThinkPadEdge1405787YJ ThinkPadT420(4180AE3) ThinkPadT420(4180PLC) ThinkPadT5302429
THINKPADEdge15 ThinkPadT420(4180AE4) ThinkPadT420(4180PMC) THINKPADT530i
ThinkPadEdgeE420 ThinkPadT420(4180AE5) ThinkPadT420(4180PNC) THINKPADW510
THINKPADEDGEE425 ThinkPadT420(4180AF1) ThinkPadT420(4180PPC) ThinkPadW510(43192KM)
ThinkPadEdgeE520 ThinkPadT420(4180AV5) ThinkPadT420(4180PQC) ThinkPadW510(43193GC)
THINKPADEDGEE525 ThinkPadT420(4180AV6) ThinkPadT420(4180PSC) ThinkPadW510(43193PC)
THINKPADL410 ThinkPadT420(4180AY1) ThinkPadT420(4180Q7C) ThinkPadW510(4319A16)
THINKPADL412 ThinkPadT420(4180AY2) ThinkPadT420(4180Q8C) ThinkPadW510(4319A17)
THINKPADL420 ThinkPadT420(4180BR3) ThinkPadT420(4180Q9C) ThinkPadW510(4319A18)
THINKPADL421 ThinkPadT420(4180CR7) ThinkPadT420(4180RW1) ThinkPadW510(4319A19)
THINKPADL430 ThinkPadT420(4180CR8) ThinkPadT420(42364N7) ThinkPadW510(4319A21)
THINKPADL510 ThinkPadT420(4180ES4) ThinkPadT420(423664C) ThinkPadW510(4319A28)
THINKPADL512 ThinkPadT420(4180ET9) ThinkPadT420(4236DZ4) ThinkPadW510(4319A29)
THINKPADL520 ThinkPadT420(4180EU1) ThinkPadT420(4236ED8) ThinkPadW510(4319A31)
THINKPADL530 ThinkPadT420(4180EV5) ThinkPadT420(4236EJ1) ThinkPadW510(4319A35)
ThinkPadSL410 ThinkPadT420(4180F11) ThinkPadT420(4236EZ7) ThinkPadW510(4319A36)
THINKPADSL4102842 ThinkPadT420(4180FR5) ThinkPadT420(4236FZ3) ThinkPadW510(4319A37)
THINKPADSL4102874 ThinkPadT420(4180G31) ThinkPadT420(4236H20) ThinkPadW510(4391B48)
THINKPADSL410K2842 ThinkPadT420(4180G67) ThinkPadT420(4236HQ6) ThinkPadW510(4391D54)
ThinkPadSL510 ThinkPadT420(4180G68) ThinkPadT420(4236HY2) THINKPADW520
THINKPADSL5102847 ThinkPadT420(4180HB8) ThinkPadT420(4236L56) THINKPADW530
THINKPADSL5102875 ThinkPadT420(4180HN6) ThinkPadT420(4236PRC) ThinkPadT420(4179GVC)
THINKPADT410I ThinkPadT410-i5






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