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Original Lenovo Battery for IBM ThinkPad E550, E555 45N1759 E550C 45N1763 76+

  • Battery rating: 10.8V
  • Battery capacity: (48Wh)
  • Type: rechargeable Li-ion battery
  • Battery color: black
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600 in stock

SKU: WM866530-01
GTIN: 695976866530
Estimated delivery date 2023/12/06


  • Battery rating: 10.8V
  • Battery capacity: (48Wh)
  • Type: rechargeable Li-ion battery
  • Battery color: black


45N15E9, 45N1758, 45N1759, 45N1760, 45N1761, 45N1762, 45N1763, 45N8961, 45Ne560, 45NYU63, 45R6758, 4X50G53717, 4X50G59217

FIT MODELS :(use “ctrl+F” to find your model quickly)

E560-0KCD ThinkPad E550(20DFA008CD) ThinkPad E550C(20E0A002CD) ThinkPad E560(20EVA00KCD)
E560-0QCD ThinkPad E550(20DFA009CD) ThinkPad E550C(20E0A008CD) ThinkPad E560(20EVA00KCD)
E560-0UCD ThinkPad E550(20DFA00BCD) ThinkPad E550C(20E0A009CD) ThinkPad E560(20EVA00QCD)
E560-0VCD ThinkPad E550(20DFA00DCD) ThinkPad E550C(20E0A00DCD) ThinkPad E560(20EVA00QCD)
E560-19CD ThinkPad E550(20DFA00FCD) ThinkPad E550C(20E0A00GCD) ThinkPad E560(20EVA00UCD)
E560-1ACD ThinkPad E550(20DFA00GCD) ThinkPad E550C(20E0A00HCD) ThinkPad E560(20EVA00UCD)
E560-1BCD ThinkPad E550(20DFA00HCD) ThinkPad E550C(20E0A00JCD) ThinkPad E560(20EVA00VCD)
E560-1DCD ThinkPad E550(20DFA00JCD) ThinkPad E550C(20E0A00KCD) ThinkPad E560(20EVA00VCD)
E560-1ECD ThinkPad E550(20DFA00RCD) ThinkPad E550C(20E0A00LCD) ThinkPad E560(20EVA019CD)
E560-1GCD ThinkPad E550(20DFA011CD) ThinkPad E550C(20E0A00MCD) ThinkPad E560(20EVA019CD)
E560-1JCD ThinkPad E550(20DFA012CD) ThinkPad E555 ThinkPad E560(20EVA01ACD)
E560-34CD ThinkPad E550(20DFA01SCD) ThinkPad E555 Series ThinkPad E560(20EVA01ACD)
E560-35CD ThinkPad E550(20DFA01TCD) ThinkPad E555(20DH0009CD) ThinkPad E560(20EVA01BCD)
E560-59CD ThinkPad E550(20DFA02VCD) ThinkPad E555(20DH000ACD) ThinkPad E560(20EVA01BCD)
E560-5ACD ThinkPad E550(20DFA03SCD) ThinkPad E555(20DH0028US) ThinkPad E560(20EVA01DCD)
E560-5CCD ThinkPad E550(20DFA03TCD) ThinkPad E555(20DH0029US) ThinkPad E560(20EVA01DCD)
E560-5GCD ThinkPad E550(20DFA03VCD) ThinkPad E555(20DH002CUS) ThinkPad E560(20EVA01ECD)
E560-63CD ThinkPad E550(20DFA045CD) ThinkPad E555(20DH002EUS) ThinkPad E560(20EVA01ECD)
E560-74CD ThinkPad E550(20DFA047CD) ThinkPad E555(20DH002HUS) ThinkPad E560(20EVA034CD)
E565-02CD ThinkPad E550(20DFA048CD) ThinkPad E555(20DH002NUS) ThinkPad E560(20EVA034CD)
E565-04CD ThinkPad E550(20DFA04ACD) ThinkPad E555(20DH002PUS) ThinkPad E560(20EVA035CD)
E565-0LCD ThinkPad E550(20DFA04BCD) ThinkPad E555(20DH002RUS) ThinkPad E560(20EVA035CD)
ThinkPad E550 ThinkPad E550(20DFA04DCD) ThinkPad E555(20DH002TUS) ThinkPad E560(20EVA059CD)
ThinkPad E550 20DFA00UCD ThinkPad E550(20DFA04ECD) ThinkPad E555(20DHA005CD) ThinkPad E560(20EVA05ACD)
ThinkPad E550 20DFA01RCD ThinkPad E550(20DFA04FCD) ThinkPad E555(20DHA006CD) ThinkPad E560(20EVA05CCD)
ThinkPad E550 20DFA07SCD ThinkPad E550(20DFA04HCD) ThinkPad E555(20DHA007CD) ThinkPad E560(20EVA05CCD)
ThinkPad E550 20DFA07TCD ThinkPad E550(20DFA04QCD) ThinkPad E555(20DHA008CD) ThinkPad E560(20EVA05GCD)
ThinkPad E550 20DFA07WCD ThinkPad E550(20DFA04VCD) ThinkPad E555(20DHA009CD) ThinkPad E560(20EVA05GCD)
ThinkPad E550 20DFA08RCD ThinkPad E550(20DFA04WCD) ThinkPad E555(20DHA00ACD) ThinkPad E560(20EVA063CD)
ThinkPad E550(20DF002YUS) ThinkPad E550(20DFA056CD) ThinkPad E555(20DHA00CCD) ThinkPad E560(20EVA063CD)
ThinkPad E550(20DF0030US) ThinkPad E550(20DFA057CD) ThinkPad E555(20DHA00QCD) ThinkPad E560(20EVA074CD)
ThinkPad E550(20DF0036US) ThinkPad E550(20DFA058CD) ThinkPad E555(20DHA00VCD) ThinkPad E565
ThinkPad E550(20DF003EUS) ThinkPad E550(20DFA059CD) ThinkPad E555(20DHA010CD) ThinkPad E565(00CD)
ThinkPad E550(20DF003GUS) ThinkPad E550(20DFA05BCD) ThinkPad E555(20DHA01MCD) ThinkPad E565(0HCD)
ThinkPad E550(20DF003WUS) ThinkPad E550(20DFA05DCD) ThinkPad E555(20DHA01QCD) ThinkPad E565(0NCD)
ThinkPad E550(20DF0040US) ThinkPad E550(20DFA06LCD) ThinkPad E555(20DHS00800) ThinkPad E565(20EY000LCD)
ThinkPad E550(20DF0048US) ThinkPad E550(20DFA06MCD) ThinkPad E560 ThinkPad E565(20EYA002CD)
ThinkPad E550(20DF004EUS) ThinkPad E550(20DFS00K00) ThinkPad E560 20EV000MGE ThinkPad E565(20EYA004CD)
ThinkPad E550(20DF0065CD) ThinkPad E550(20DFS00L00) ThinkPad E560 20EVS00500 ThinkPad E565(20EYA00BCD)
ThinkPad E550(20DF0067CD) ThinkPad E550(20DH002QUS) ThinkPad E560 20EWS00000 ThinkPad E565(20EYA00XCD)
ThinkPad E550(20DF006XCD) ThinkPad E550c ThinkPad E560(20EV001GCD) ThinkPad Edge E555 Series
ThinkPad E550(20DF007MUS) ThinkPad E550C(20E00001CD) ThinkPad E560(20EV001GCD) ThinkPad Z51
ThinkPad E550(20DF008RCD) ThinkPad E550C(20E00007CD) ThinkPad E560(20EV001JCD) ThinkPad Z51-70
ThinkPad E550(20DF0090CD) ThinkPad E550C(20E0A000CD) ThinkPad E560(20EV001JCD)




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