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Original ASUS 19V 3.42A 65W ADP-65DW C AD887020 Power Supply Adapter

Input Voltage: 100V-240V 50/60hz
Output Voltage: 19V
Output Current: 3.42A (65W)
Connector: 4.0mm*1.35mm
Color: black

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600 in stock

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B43A UX303UA-1C X4GJ X555LP
F542UQ UX32LN-R4029H X501U X555UA-1B
F556UQ UX32LN-R4052H X510UQ X555UA-3F
F751LAV-TY089H UX32V X530FN-1E X555UB
F751LAV-TY175H UX32VD X530FN-2F X555UB-3F
F751LAV-TY538T UX32VD-R3001H X530UF-1A X555UB-3H
F751LAV-TY570T-BE UX32VD-R4002H X530UF-2F X555UB-XO064T
F751LDV-T4182H UX42VS X530UN-1A X555UB-XO138T
F751LDV-T4350H UX42VS-W3007H X530UN-2F X555UF
F751LDV-TY204H UX430UA-1A X541UV X555UJ-1A
F751LDV-TY354H UX430UN-1A X542UA-1B X555UJ-3E
F751LJ UX430UN-2B X542UA-3F X555UJ-XO112T
F751LJ-TY038T UX430UQ-2B X542UF X555UJ-XX073T
F751LJ-TY270T UX461UN-1C X542UF-1B X555UQ
F751LJ-TY307T UX52VS-CN021H X542UF-3G X555UQ-XX305T
F751LK-T4009H UX52VS-CN035H X542UN-1C X555YA-1B
F751LK-T4050D UX52VSSerie X542UN-3G X555YA-XO010D
F751LK-TY157H UX530UQ X542UR-1B X555YA-XO015T
F751LN-T4005D UX530UQ-2B X542UR-3F X555YI-XO028D
F751LN-T4087H UX561UN X550CA X555YI-XX054T
F751LN-TY036H V555L X550CC X556UF
F751LN-TY108H Vivobook 14X405UA X550D X556UF-1B
F751MA Vivobook 14X411UQ X550LA X556UF-3F
F751MA-TY075-BE Vivobook 15X542BA-DH99 X550VB X556UQ-3F
F751MA-TY236H Vivobook 15X542BP X550VL X556UR-1A
F751MA-TY258H Vivobook 15X542UN X555DA

F751MJ Vivobook 15X542UN-DM055T X555DA-AS11 X556UV-1C
F751SA-TY023T Vivobook 15X542UN-DM129T X555DA-US11 X556UV-3G
F751SA-TY071T Vivobook 15X542UN-DM242T X555L X55A
F751SA-TY119T Vivobook 15X542UQ-DM336T X555LA-1B X705MA
F751SA-TY123T Vivobook 15X542UQ-GQ146T X555LA-3D X705MB
FL5900 Vivobook 15X542UR X555LA-3F X705NA
K401LB Vivobook 15X542UR-GO216T X555LA-DB71 X705UN
K401UB Vivobook 17X705UF X555LA-XX046H X705UQ
K505BP9420 Vivobook F542UF X555LA-XX152H X750LA
K556UQ Vivobook F542UN X555LA-XX2129T X750LA-TY004H
N705UQ Vivobook F542UN-DM161T X555LA-XX2717T X750LA-TY026H
P2440UA Vivobook F542UQ-GQ295T X555LB-1A X750LB
P2520L Vivobook F556UQ-DM1011T X555LB-3C X750LB-3C
P751JA Vivobook F556UQ-DM831T X555LB-3H X750LB-TY010H
PU401LA Vivobook F556UQ-XO139T X555LB-DM223H X750LN-3C
PU404UF Vivobook F556UR-XO038T X555LB-XO040H X750LN-T4039H
PU404UF8550 Vivobook Flip 14TP410UA X555LB-XO238D X750LN-T4138H
Q500A Vivobook Flip 14TP410UA-EC235T X555LB-XO246H X750LN-TY009H
R542UA Vivobook Flip 14TP410UA-EC243T X555LB-XO316H X750LN-TY018H
R753UB-TY046T Vivobook Flip 14TP410UA-EC407T X555LD X750LN-TY019H
R753UB-TY115T Vivobook Flip 14TP410UA-EC541T X555LD-1B X750LN-TY020H-BE
R753UB-TY132T Vivobook Flip 14TP410UR X555LD-3G X750LN-TY028H
S550CA Vivobook Flip 14TP410UR-EC073T X555LD4010 X750LN-TY040H
S550CB Vivobook Flip 14TP410UR-EC089T X555LD-XO030H X751BP
S551LB Vivobook X542UF-DM054T X555LD-XO078H X751BP-1B
S56CA Vivobook X542UF-GQ171T X555LD-XX062H X751LA
TP500LN Vivobook X751BP X555LD-XX325H X751LA-1B
TP550L X401U X555LD-XX717H X751LAV
U303L X405UQ X555LF X751LAV-TY058H
U303LA X411UA X555LF-3E X751LAV-TY175H
U303LA4030 X411UA-3F X555LF-3G ZenBook 13UX331UN
U303LN X411UA-GA070 X555LF-XO052H ZenBook Flip 14UX461UN
U303LN4210 X411UF-3C X555LI-1B ZenBook UX303LA
U38DT X411UN X555LJ-1A ZenBook UX303UB
U80A-2C X411UN-1B X555LJ-3E ZenBook UX306UA-Q52S
U80V-1A X411UQ-1A X555LJ-3G ZenBook UX310UF
U82U X411UQ-3B X555LJ-7K ZenBook UX42VS
UX21A X452C X555LN-3C ZenBook UX430UA
UX301 X452V X555LN-3E ZenBook UX430UQ
UX301LA X456UF X555LN-DM197H ZenBook UX501
UX303LA_C-1A X45A X555LN-DM497H ZenBook UX525VS
UX303LA-1A X45LI9C X555LN-XO003H ZenBook UX52X3317VS-SL
UX303LB-R4060T X45VD X555LN-XX025H ZenBook UX530UX
UX303LB-R4061T UX303LB-R4080P UX303UA-1A





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