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Original A32N1331 56Wh battery for Asus PU551LA PU551JF PU551JA PU451JF


    • Battery rating: 10.8V
    • Battery capacity: 5200mAh (56Wh)
    • Battery cells: 6-cell
    • Type: rechargeable Li-ion battery
    • Battery color: Black
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599 in stock

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  • Battery rating: 10.8V
  • Battery capacity: 5200mAh (56Wh)
  • Battery cells: 6-cell
  • Type: rechargeable Li-ion battery
  • Battery color: Black


  • A32N1331
  • A32N1332
  • A33N1332

FIT MACHINE MODELS :(use “ctrl+F” to find your model quickly)

450 P2438UT P2530UA-XO0383T P553UJ-1A Pro P2540UA-DM0095T
450C P2438UU P2530UA-XO0488T P553UJ-1B Pro P2540UA-XO0025D
450CD P2438UV P2530UA-XO0492D Pro 2530UA-DM0179RB Pro P2540UA-XO0086D
450V P2438UW P2530UA-XO0517R Pro 2530UA-DM1289R Pro P2540UV
450VB P2438UX P2530UA-XO0598D Pro 450 Pro P2540UV-DM0006R
E451 P2438UY P2530UA-XO0599E Pro 450C Pro P2540UV-DM0035D
E451L P2438UZ P2530UA-XO0651E Pro 450CD Pro P2540UV-DM0042R
E451LA P2440UA P2530UA-XO0651R Pro 450V Pro P4540UQ-FY0056R
E451LD P2440UA-1A P2530UA-XO0784R Pro 450VB Pro P4540UQ-FY0067R
E451LD-XB51 P2440UA-1B P2530UA-XO0832E Pro 451LD Pro P4540UQ-FY0111R
E551 P2440UA-FQ0155R P2530UA-XO0832R Pro Essential P2520LA Pro P4540UQ-FY0168R
E551J P2440UA-FQ0221R P2530UA-XO0840R Pro Essential P2520LA-XO0164G Pro P4540UQ-FY0175R
E551JA P2440UA-XS51 P2530UA-XO0843R Pro Essential P2520LA-XO0290E Pro PU550CA-1A
E551JD P2440UF P2530UA-XO0868D Pro Essential P2520LA-XO0291T Pro PU550CA-XO013G
E551JF P2440UF-1A P2530UA-XO0876R Pro Essential P2520LA-XO0561D Pro PU550CA-XO054G
E551JH P2440UF-1B P2530UA-XO1246D Pro Essential P2520LJ PU450
E551L P2440UF-XS74 P2530UA-XO598E Pro Essential P2520LJ-XO0027G PU450C
E551LA P2440UQ P2530UJ-DM0134E Pro Essential P2520LJ-XO0028E PU450CD
E551LD P2440UQ-1A P2530UJ-DM0134R Pro P2430UJ PU450V
E551LG P2440UQ-1B P2530UJ-DM0145E Pro P2440UA PU450VB
P2430L P2501LA-XH52 P2530UJ-DM0145R Pro P2440UA-FA0005R PU451
P2430LJ P2520LA-XB31 P2530UJ-DM0474R Pro P2440UA-FA0006R PU451J
P2430U P2520LA-XB51 P2530UJ-XO0045D Pro P2440UA-FA0007R PU451JF
P2430UA P2520LA-XH31 P2530UJ-XO0102E Pro P2440UA-FQ0057R PU451JH
P2430UA-FA0789R P2520LA-XH52 P2530UJ-XO0103E Pro P2440UA-FQ0078 PU451L
P2430UA-WO0079D P2520LA-XH71 P2530UJ-XO0103R Pro P2440UA-FQ0251R PU451LA
P2430UA-WO0144E P2520LA-XO0040G P2530UJ-XO0104E Pro P2440UA-XS71 PU451LD
P2430UA-WO0543D P2520LA-XO0084G P2530UJ-XO0104R Pro P2440UQ PU550
P2430UA-WO0646R P2520LA-XO0167H P2530UJ-XO0170E Pro P2440UQ-FA0004R PU550C
P2430UA-WO0646R-OSS P2520LA-XO0220G P2530UJ-XO0315E Pro P2440UQ-FA0006R PU550CA
P2430UA-WO0791R P2520LA-XO0231G P2530UJ-XO0541R Pro P2520LA-DM0269G PU550CC
P2430UA-WO0800 P2520LA-XO0281T P2530UJ-XO0542R Pro P2520LA-XB52 PU551
P2430UA-WO0800R P2520LA-XO0385T P2530UJ-XO0543R Pro P2520LA-XB71 PU551J
P2430UA-WO0801R P2520LA-XO0519D P2540NV Pro P2520LA-XH51 PU551JA
P2430UA-WO0815D P2520LA-XO0526D P2540NV-1A Pro P2520LA-XO0039G PU551JA-XO009
P2430UA-WO1112R P2520LA-XO0774E P2540NV-1B Pro P2520LA-XO0109G PU551JA-XO009G
P2430UA-WO1113T P2520LJ-DM0114R P2540UA Pro P2520LA-XO0211H PU551JA-XO022G
P2430UA-WO1127D P2520LJ-XO0028G P2540UA-1A Pro P2520LA-XO0230G PU551JA-XO024P
P2430UA-XH53 P2520LJ-XO0029E P2540UA-1B Pro P2520LA-XO0248G PU551JA-XO027G
P2430UA-XH73 P2520LJ-XO0029G P2540UA-AB51 Pro P2520LA-XO0403E PU551JA-XO038D
P2430UJ P2520LJ-XO0030E P2540UB Pro P2520LA-XO0570E PU551JA-XO038G
P2430UJ-WO0062D P2520LJ-XO0030G P2540UB-1A Pro P2520LA-XO0571E PU551JA-XO058G
P2430UJ-WO0186R P2520LJ-XO0074H P2540UB-1B Pro P2520LA-XO0613TB PU551JA-XO059G
P2430UJ-WO0211E P2520LJ-XO0088G P2540UB-XB71 Pro P2530UA PU551JD
P2430UJ-WO0350R P2520LJ-XO0090G P2540UV Pro P2530UA-XO0081E PU551JD-CN026G
P2430UJ-WO0380D P2520LJ-XO0171G P2540UV-1A Pro P2530UA-XO0081R PU551JF
P2438U P2520LJ-XO0175T P2540UV-1B Pro P2530UA-XO0150E PU551JH
P2438U0 P2520SA-XO0004D P452LA Pro P2530UA-XO0288R PU551L
P2438U-0341A6500U P2520SA-XO0004T P452LA-1A Pro P2530UA-XO0302E PU551LA
P2438U-0351A6200U P2520SA-XO0044D P452LJ Pro P2530UA-XO0375D PU551LA-CN137G
P2438U-0401A6500U P2530UA P452LJ-1A Pro P2530UA-XO0375R PU551LA-XO018G
P2438U-0411A6200U P2530UA-DM0025E P452LJ-1B Pro P2530UA-XO0381D PU551LA-XO028G
P2438U1 P2530UA-DM0047E P452SA Pro P2530UA-XO0383T PU551LA-XO036G
P2438U2 P2530UA-DM0050E P452SA-1A Pro P2530UA-XO0562E PU551LA-XO036H
P2438U3 P2530UA-DM0114E P452SA-1B Pro P2530UA-XO0651RB PU551LA-XO042G
P2438U4 P2530UA-DM0179E P452SJ Pro P2530UA-XO0741R PU551LA-XO086G
P2438U5 P2530UA-DM0384T P452SJ-1A Pro P2530UA-XO0919D PU551LA-XO106G
P2438U6 P2530UA-DM0437R P452SJ-1B Pro P2530UA-XO0922T PU551LA-XO149G
P2438U7 P2530UA-DM0489R P453UA Pro P2530UA-XO0923R PU551LA-XO152G
P2438U8 P2530UA-DM0525D P453UA-1A Pro P2530UA-XO0949RB PU551LA-XO153G
P2438U9 P2530UA-DM1255R P453UJ Pro P2530UA-XO1161D PU551LA-XO164G
P2438UA P2530UA-DM1264R P453UJ-1A Pro P2530UA-XO1241R PU551LA-XO189G
P2438UA-FA0327T P2530UA-DM1273R P453UJ-1B Pro P2530UA-XO1242D PU551LA-XO192G
P2438UB P2530UA-DM1274R P4540UQ Pro P2530UA-XO1243D PU551LA-XO194G
P2438UC P2530UA-XH31 P4540UQ-1A Pro P2530UA-XO1280D PU551LA-XO261G
P2438UD P2530UA-XH52 P552LA Pro P2530UA-XO1281R PU551LA-XO359G
P2438UE P2530UA-XO0030E P552LA-1A Pro P2530UA-XO1282R PU551LA-XO401G
P2438UF P2530UA-XO0042E P552LA-XO0169G Pro P2530UJ-DM0054E PU551LA-XO413G
P2438UG P2530UA-XO0081R P552LA-XO0762T Pro P2530UJ-DM0055E PU551LD
P2438UH P2530UA-XO0119D P552LJ Pro P2530UJ-DM0101E PU551LD-CN082G
P2438UI P2530UA-XO0169E P552LJ-1A Pro P2530UJ-DM0128E PU551LD-XO025G
P2438UJ p2530ua-xo016be P552LJ-1B Pro P2530UJ-DM0129E PU551LD-XO026G
P2438UK P2530UA-XO0178RB P552SA Pro P2530UJ-DM0130E PU551LD-XO052D
P2438UL P2530UA-XO0207R P552SA-1A Pro P2530UJ-DM0131E PU551LD-XO078G
P2438UM P2530UA-XO0235E P552SA-1B Pro P2530UJ-XO0126E PU551LD-XO079G
P2438UN P2530UA-XO0288R P552SJ Pro P2530UJ-XO0228E PU551LD-XO088D
P2438UO P2530UA-XO0375D P552SJ-1A Pro P2540NV PU551LD-XO089D
P2438UP P2530UA-XO0375R P552SJ-1B Pro P2540NV-YH21 PU551LD-XO098G
P2438UQ P2530UA-XO0381D P553UA Pro P2540UA PULA551-XO036H
P2438UR P2530UA-XO0382T P553UA-1A Pro P2540UA-DM0093T PZ520L
P2438US Pro P2540UA-DM0094T P553UJ




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