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Original 19.5V 10.3A 200W TPN-DA10 HP ZBook 17 G3 ZBook 17 G3 15-EC0006NT Laptop AC Adapter Charger

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    • Input Voltage: 100V-240V 50/60hz
    • Output Voltage: 19.5V
    • Output Current: 10.3A (200W)
    • Connector: 4.5mm * 3.0mm
    • Color: Black
    • Warranty: 12 Months
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140 in stock

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  • Input Voltage: 100V-240V 50/60hz
  • Output Voltage: 19.5V
  • Output Current: 10.3A (200W)
  • Connector: 4.5mm * 3.0mm
  • Color: Black
  • Warranty: 12 Months


  • L00818-850
  • L00895-003
  • TPN-DA10
  • W2F75AA

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Pavilion Gaming 15-EC0006NT, ZBook 17 G4(Y3J83AV), ZBook 17 G3(T7V64EA), ZBook 17 G4(1JA86AW), Omen 15-dh0012nh, Omen 5 Air 15-dh0007TX PRC, Pavilion Gaming 15-dk0400ng, Pavilion Gaming 15-dk0068wm, Pavilion Gaming 15-ec0000, ZBook 15 G4(2WN03PA), Pavilion Gaming 15-ec0003na, ZBook 17 G3(X1D84UP), Pavilion Gaming 15-ec0012ax, ZBook 17 G3(Y2Q07UP), Omen 15-dh0011ng, Omen 15-dh0105TX, Pavilion Gaming 15-dk0004ng, Pavilion Gaming 15-dk0009ng, PAVILION GAMING 15-DK0064UR, Omen 15 2018, Pavilion Gaming 15-ec0026ax, ZBook 17 G3(V2D18AW), ZBook 17 G3(X1W49UP), Pavilion Gaming 15-ec0016nl, ZBook 17 G5(2XD21AV), ZBook 17 G3(T7V65ET), ZBook 17 G4(1RQ78EA), ZBook 17 G6 6TU95EA, OMEN 15-dh0002ng, Omen 5 Air 15-dh0009TX PRC, Pavilion Gaming 15-dk0358ng, Gaming Pavilion 15-dk0038nl, Pavilion Gaming 15-ec0000nv, ZBook 15 G4(Y4E76AV), Pavilion Gaming 15-ec0751ms, Pavilion Gaming 15-EC0004NS, ZBook 17 G4(1NC55AW), ZBook 17 G3(T7V61EA), ZBook 17 G3(Y6J66ET), ZBook 17 G4(Y6K23EA), Omen 15-dh0002nl, Omen 15-dh0144TX, Pavilion Gaming 15-dk0204ng, Pavilion Gaming 15-dk0156ng, PAVILION GAMING 15-DK0042NL, EliteBook 1050 G1(3TN95AV), Pavilion Gaming 15-ec0022ax, ZBook 17 G3(W4R14UC), ZBook 17 G3(X3W46AW), ZBook 17 G5(2XD23AV), ZBook 17 G3(TZV66eA), ZBook 17 G4(1RQ90ES), Omen 15-dh0000nx, Omen 15-dh0135tx, Omen 5 Air 15-dh0154TX, Pavilion Gaming 15-dk0300ng, Pavilion Gaming 15-dk0051wm, Pavilion Gaming 15-ec0026ng, ZBook 15 G4(Y4E78AV), Pavilion Gaming 15-ec0001nh, Pavilion Gaming 15-ec0010nf, ZBook 17 G4(Y3J80AV), ZBook 17 G3(T7V62EA), ZBook 17 G4(Y6K38EA), Omen 15-dh0017nh, Omen 15-dh0201ng, Pavilion Gaming 15-dk0205ng Gaming Pavilion 15-dk0046nr, PAVILION GAMING 15-DK0001LA, EliteBook 1050 G1(3TN97AV), Pavilion Gaming 15-ec0006ns, ZBook 17 G3(W5M21UP), Pavilion Gaming 15-ec0062AX, ZBook 17 G3(X8A42UP), ZBook 17 G5(2XD25AV), ZBook 17 G4(1RR15EA), Omen 15-dh0004ur, Omen 15-dh0138tx, Gaming Pavilion 15-dk0003nq, Pavilion Gaming 15-dk0740nd, Gaming Pavilion 15-dk0043TX, Pavilion Gaming 15-ec0005ng, Pavilion Gaming 15-ec0015AX, ZBook 17 G4(Y3J82AV), ZBook 17 G3(T7V63EA), Pavilion Gaming 15 2019, Omen 15-dh0025nl, Omen 5 Air 15-dh0006TX PRC, Pavilion Gaming 15-dk0211tx, Pavilion Gaming 15-dk0006np, Pavilion Gaming 15-ec, ZBook 15 G4(1JB32AW), Pavilion Gaming 15-EC0066AX, Pavilion Gaming 15-ec0028ax, ZBook 17 G3(Y0K65AV), ZBook 17 G3(2QY22EC), ZBook 17 G4(1RR25ES), OMEN 15-dh0009nj, OMEN 15-DH0103TX, PAVILION GAMING 15-DK0010NG, Pavilion Gaming 15-dk0740ng




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    It is exact same volt and watt as my old charger is.


  2. Rocky Bhai

    Best product in this price and overall ok

    Rocky Bhai

  3. Ravi Ranjan Kunwar

    Nice quality and durable

    Ravi Ranjan Kunwar

  4. Kartik Gupta

    good product..

    Kartik Gupta