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  • Input Voltage: 100V-240V 50/60hz
  • Output Voltage: 19.5V
  • Output Current: 6.15A (120W)
  • Brand: MSI
  • Connector: 5.5mm*2.5mm
  • Color: Black
  • Warranty : 1 Year warranty by us.
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  • Input Voltage: 100V-240V 50/60hz
  • Output Voltage: 19.5V
  • Output Current: 6.15A (120W)
  • Connector: 5.5mm*2.5mm
  • Color: Black


A12-120P1A, A120A007L, A120A007L-CL02

FIT MODELS : (use “ctrl+F” to find your model quickly)

Battalion 101 W670SJQ GL72 6QE-1027XTR GV62 7RC PE70 6QE-453NL
CX62 2QD-253TW GL72 6QE-1028XTR GV62 7RC-025XTR PL62 7RC-005CN
CX62 2QD-266MY GL72 6QE-497TW GV62 7RC-058XTH PL62 7RC-029
CX62 2QD-276XFR GL72 6QE-646UK GV62 7RC-224UK PL62 7RC-034AU
CX62 2QD-287XES GL72 6QE-861TW GV62 7RC-225UK PL62 7RC-051XES
CX62 2QD-292UK GL72 6QF-404XCN GV62 7RC-235TW PL62 7RC-093
CX62 6QD-047US GL72 6QF-407NL GV62 7RC-415PH PL62 7RC-210
CX62 6QD-086MY GL72 6QF-410NL M57TU PL62 7RC-214ZA
CX62 6QD-201XAU GL72 6QF-429FR M57X PL62 7RC-267XES
CX62 6QD-240XES GL72 6QF-472FR MS-16GH PL62 7RC-270XIN
CX62 6QD-258TW GL72 6QF-480AU MS-16J6 PX60 2QD-037RU
CX62 6QD-284XTH GL72 6QF-485TW N155SC PX60 2QD-044CZ
CX62 6QD-291XVN GL72 6QF-800FR N155SD PX60 2QD-045MY
CX62 6QD-412PH GL72 6QF-836PH PE60 2QE-044XCN PX60 2QD-049UK
CX62 6QD-452XAU GL72 7QF PE60 2QE-047NL PX60 2QD-075XES
CX62 6QD-453AU GL72 7QF-1006 PE60 2QE-070US PX60 6QD-031UK
CX62 6QD-457CA GL72 7QF-1007UK PE60 2QE-205UK PX60 6QD-039CZ
CX62 6QD-608XPH GL72 7QF-1008UK PE60 2QE-238US PX60 6QD-042ES
CX72 6QD-090TW GL72 7QF-1031XFR PE60 2QE-243TW PX60 6QE-254NL
CX72 6QD-091TW GL72 7QF-1043RU PE60 2QE-403XES PX60 6QE-463
CX72 6QD-231XES GL72 7QF-1044XRU PE60 2QE-656TW PX60 6QE-620AU
GE60 GL72 7QF-1057 PE60 2QE-657XTH PX60-2QDi716H11
GE72 GL72 7QF-1670UK PE60 6QD-085TW PX60-2QDi781
GE72 6QD Apache Pro GL72 7QF-893TW PE60 6QD-094XRU WE62 7RI-1861US
GF63 GP60 PE60 6QD-200XES WE62 7RI-1862US
GF63 9SC GP62 2QE-017TW PE60 6QD-202XPT WE62 7RI-1878TW
GF63 9SC-088CN GP62 2QE-215XCN PE60 6QD-216ID WE62 7RI-1880RU
GF63 9SC-089CN GP62 2QE-218XCN PE60 6QD-256IT WE62 7RI-1891XES
GF63 Thin 9SC GP62 2QE-275XCN PE60 6QD-424XRU WE62 7RI-2002FR
GF63 THIN 9SC-088CN GP62 6QE-1236TW PE60 6QD-476XPL WE62 7RI-2007XES
GF63 THIN 9SC-089CN GP62 6QE-1290JP PE60 6QD-498 WE62 7RI-2019TH
GL62 6QE-1223XVN GP62 6QE-458AU PE60 6QE-031US WE62 7RI-2022TW
GL62 6QE-1256MY GP62 6QE-648MY PE60 6QE-054US WE62 7RJ-1833US
GL62 6QE-1407X GP62 6QE-817 PE60 6QE-059TW WE62 7RJ-1836FR
GL62 6QE-1428SG GP62 6QF-1204AU PE60 6QE-062US WE62 7RJ-1838CA
GL62 6QE-1804CZ GP62 6QF-1239FR PE60 6QE-1267 WE62 7RJ-1849TW
GL62 6QE-1827PH GP62 6QF-1462CN PE60 6QE-238XCN WE62 7RJ-1875AU
GL62 6QE-638IT GP62 6QF-602XTH PE60 6QE-240PH WE62 7RJ-1889CA
GL62 6QE-845AU GP62 6QF-847TW PE60 6QE-491XCN WE62 7RJ-1895XT
GL62 6QE-859TW GP72 2QE-012TH PE60 6QE-822TW WE62 7RJ-2006XES
GL62M 7RC GP72 2QE-023AU PE62 WE62 7RJ-2018NE
GL62M 7RC-040TW GP72 2QE-027US PE70 2QE-049XCN WE72 7RJ-1032US
GL62M 7RC-042XTR GP72 2QE-044US PE70 2QE-091TW WE72 7RJ-1035FR
GL62M 7RC-0851M GP72 2QE-059NL PE70 2QE-097TH WE72 7RJ-1037CA
GL62M 7RC-200XIN GP72 2QE-066TW PE70 2QE-214US WE72 7RJ-1038TW
GL62M 7RC-201TW GP72 6QE-043JP PE70 6QD WE72 7RJ-1039
GL62M 7RC-219TW GP72 6QE-068TW PE70 6QD-060TW WE72 7RJ-1040XES
GL62M 7RC-223PH GP72 6QE-091TW PE70 6QD-203IT WE72 7RJ-1041AU
GL62M 7RC-230TW GP72 6QE-265AU PE70 6QD-246RU WE72 7RJ-1050JP
GL62M 7RC-246XTR GP72 6QE-426TH PE70 6QD-283XPL WE72 7RJ-1067RU
GL62M 7RC-258XHU GP72 6QE-461UK PE70 6QE-035US WE72 7RJ-1075TW
GL72 6QE-1016CZ GP72 6QF-295NE PE70 6QE-055XUS WE72 7RJ-1080CAA
GL72 6QE-1020XPL GP72 6QF-465AU PE70 6QE-058US WE72 7RJ-1083US
GL72 6QE-1025TR GP72 6QF-483TW PE70 6QE-092TW WE72 7RJ-1099XES
GP72 6QF-626UK




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