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Original A32-M50 laptop Battery for Asus M50 M50Sa M51Se N53SV M51Va M70Sa

  • Category: ALL, Asus Batteries, Laptop Batteries
    • Capacity: 4400mAh (6 cells) 48Wh
    • Color: Black
    • Battery Type: Lithium Ion
    • CE-/FCC-/RoHS-Certified ensure safety. Grade A cells battery, 500+ recharge cycles.
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600 in stock

SKU: WM411903-01
GTIN: 886729411903
Estimated delivery date 2023/12/08

Compatible Part Numbers:
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07G016000530, 07G0165N1875, 07G016C71875, 07G016DS1875, 07G016DT1875, 07G016H01875, 07G016H11875, 07G016HB1875, 07G016HJ1875, 07G016SX1865, 07G016SX1865M, 07G016T01865, 07G016T01865-BTI, 07G016T11865, 07G016WC1865, 07G016WD1865, 15G10N373800, 15G10N373830, 70-N0P1B1000Z, 70-N0W1B1000Z, 70-N0W1B2000Z, 70-N1Q1B1000Z, 70-N1Q1B1100Z, 70-N1S1B1000Z, 70-N4I1B2000Z, 70-NED1B1000PZ, 70-NED1B1000Z, 70-NED1B1100PZ, 70-NED1B1100Z, 70-NED1B1200PZ, 70-NED1B1200Z, 70-NED1B2000PZ, 70-NED1B2000Z, 70-NED1B2100PZ, 70-NED1B2100Z, 70-NED1B2200PZ, 70-NED1B2200Z, 70-NTS1B2000Z, 70-NUS1B1000Z, 70-NV32B1000Z, 70-NWF1B1000Z, 70-NX52B2000Z, 70-NX52B2100Z, 70-NXP2B1000Z, 70-NYL3B1000Z, 70-NYL3B2000Z, 70-NYL3B2100Z, 70-NZP1B1200Z, 70-NZT1B1000Z, 70-NZT1B1100Z, 90-N0P1B2000Y, 90-NED1B1000Y, 90-NED1B2100Y, 90-NWF1B2000Y, 90-XB2MN0BT00000Y, 90R-NED2B1000Y, 90R-NWF1B2000Y, A32-H36, A32-M50, A32-M50/L0790C6, A32-N61, A33-M50, BNAS012, L062066, L072051, L0790C6

Compatible Models: For Asus

L50 Series, M70Sa Series, M70Sr Series,
Asus G50 Series
G50 Series, G50-vt, G50V, G50VT Series, G50vt-x2, G50vt-x5,
Asus G51 Series
G51J, G51J-A1, G51J1-X1, G51vx,
Asus M50 Series
M50 Series, M50Q, M50Q Series, M50Sa, M50Sa Series, M50Sr, M50Sr Series, M50Sv, M50Sv Series, M50VM, M51E,
Asus M51 Series
M51E Series, M51Kr Series, M51Se Series, M51Sn Series, M51Sr Series, M51Va Series, M51Vr Series,
Asus M60 Series
M60 Series, M60J Series, M60JV Series, M60Q Series, M60V Series, M60VP Series, M60W Series,
Asus N43 Series
N43 Series, N43EI46JF-SL, N43EI52JF-SL, N43JF, N43S, N43SD, N43SL, N43SN, N43SV,
Asus N52 Series
N52, N52A, N52D, N52DA, N52DC, N52DR, N52F, N52J, N52JA, N52JB, N52JC, N52JE, N52JF, N52JG, N52JL, N52JN, N52JQ, N52JT, N52JV, N52S, N52SN, N52SV, N52V, N52VF,
Asus N53 Series
N53jF, N53JF-a1, N53JQ, N53JQ-A1, N53SV,
Asus X55 Series
X55Sa Series, X55Sr Series, X55Sv Series.





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