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Original 01AV406 00HW025 Laptop Battery Compatible with Lenovo ThinkPad T460s T470s Series Notebook

  • Battery rating: 11.4V
  • Battery capacity: 2065mAh (24Wh)
  • Battery cells: 3-cell
  • Type: rechargeable Li-ion battery
  • Battery color: Black
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SKU: WM961622-01
Estimated delivery date 2023/09/30


  • 01AV406
  • SB10J79003
  • 00HW038
  • SB10F46463
  • SB10J79002
  • 00HW024
  • SB10J79004
  • 01AV462
  • 01AV407
  • 00HW023
  • SB10F46476
  • L16M3P73
  • SB10K97605
  • 00HW025
  • SB10F46462
  • 01AV405
  • 00HW022
  • SB10F46460

(use “ctrl+F” to find your model quickly)

ThinkPad  T460s 20F90017US ThinkPad  T460s 20F9005HUS ThinkPad  T470s 20HF000T ThinkPad  T470s 20HF005NUS
ThinkPad  T460s 20F90018US ThinkPad  T460s 20F9005KUS ThinkPad  T470s 20HF000V ThinkPad  T470s 20HF005Q
ThinkPad  T460s 20F9001CUS ThinkPad  T460s 20F9005T ThinkPad  T470s 20HF000X ThinkPad  T470s 20HF0062
ThinkPad  T460s 20F90033US ThinkPad  T460s 20F9005U ThinkPad  T470s 20HF000Y ThinkPad  T470s 20HF0064US
ThinkPad  T460s 20F90035US ThinkPad  T460s 20F9005V ThinkPad  T470s 20HF0010US ThinkPad  T470s 20HF0066US
ThinkPad  T460s 20F90036US ThinkPad  T460s 20F9005W ThinkPad  T470s 20HF0011US ThinkPad  T470s 20HF0067
ThinkPad  T460s 20F90037US ThinkPad  T460s 20F9005Y ThinkPad  T470s 20HF0013US ThinkPad  T470s 20HF0068
ThinkPad  T460s 20F90038US ThinkPad  T460s 20F90061 ThinkPad  T470s 20HF0015US ThinkPad  T470s 20HF006KUS
ThinkPad  T460s 20F9003AUS ThinkPad  T460s 20F90062 ThinkPad  T470s 20HF0017 ThinkPad  T470s 20HF006M
ThinkPad  T460s 20F9003CUS ThinkPad  T460s 20F9006B ThinkPad  T470s 20HF001DUS ThinkPad  T470s 20HG004J
ThinkPad  T460s 20F9003DUS ThinkPad  T460s 20F9006C ThinkPad  T470s 20HF001Q ThinkPad  T470s 20HG004K
ThinkPad  T460s 20F9003EUS ThinkPad  T460s 20F9006E ThinkPad  T470s 20HF001R ThinkPad  T470s 20HG004L
ThinkPad  T460s 20F9003FUS ThinkPad  T460s 20F9006G ThinkPad  T470s 20HF001T ThinkPad  T470s 20JS0004US
ThinkPad  T460s 20F9003GUS ThinkPad  T460s 20F9006J ThinkPad  T470s 20HF001V ThinkPad  T470s 20JS0013
ThinkPad  T460s 20F9003JUS ThinkPad  T460s 20F9006K ThinkPad  T470s 20HF001W ThinkPad  T470s 20JS0015US
ThinkPad  T460s 20F9003R ThinkPad  T460s 20F9006V ThinkPad  T470s 20HF001X ThinkPad  T470s 20JS0016US
ThinkPad  T460s 20F9003S ThinkPad  T460s 20F9006W ThinkPad  T470s 20HF001Y ThinkPad  T470s 20JS0017US
ThinkPad  T460s 20F9003T ThinkPad  T460s 20F9006YUS ThinkPad  T470s 20HF0021 ThinkPad  T470s 20JS0018US
ThinkPad  T460s 20F9003V ThinkPad  T460s 20F90071 ThinkPad  T470s 20HF0023 ThinkPad  T470s 20JS0019US
ThinkPad  T460s 20F9003X ThinkPad  T460s 20F90072 ThinkPad  T470s 20HF0025 ThinkPad  T470s 20JS001AUS
ThinkPad  T460s 20F9003Y ThinkPad  T460s 20F90073 ThinkPad  T470s 20HF0026 ThinkPad  T470s 20JS001CUS
ThinkPad  T460s 20F90040 ThinkPad  T460s 20F90074 ThinkPad  T470s 20HF0027 ThinkPad  T470s 20JS001E
Important Note:
1. 11.4V and 11.1V are compatible, they are in common use.
2. There are two batteries(both internal) in Lenovo ThinkPad T460S and ThinkPad T470S, before placing an order please check which one needs to replaced, ensure order one right battery for replacement.
3. Check other variant Click Here




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